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At Harth Enterprise, we take pride in being your trusted and insured chimney sweep company. Our services are specifically designed for customers who value professionalism, reliability, and safety. Whether you are a homeowner association (HOA), property manager, building maintenance supervisor, commercial property maintenance manager, residential property maintenance manager, or owner of coin-op laundry facilities or hotels with on-site laundry facilities, we are here to meet your chimney sweeping needs.

What Sets Us Apart in Chimney Sweeping

What sets us apart from the competition is our commitment to ensuring the utmost care and protection for our clients’ homes. All our independently owned and operated businesses under Harth Enterprise carry General Liability insurance, which goes beyond the industry standards. Our certified technicians are more than happy to provide proof of insurance upon request, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services.

We understand the importance of risk management, especially when it comes to the safe operation of fireplaces and chimneys in wooden structures. Many major home insurance companies, including Allstate Insurance Group, State Farm Insurance, Travelers Insurance, and others, now require homeowners to provide a written inspection report for homes with fireplaces or wood stoves. As a certified chimney professional, we can conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with the necessary report to meet your insurance company’s safety requirements.

Our inspection reports cover essential aspects such as the safe distance between combustibles and room heaters, clearance of combustibles from the connected pipe and chimney, the quality and condition of the connector pipe and chimney, and other items specified in the National Fire Protection Association 211 Chapter 15 guidelines.

Expert Technicians and Insured Service: Ensuring Safety and Quality Assurance

When you choose Harth Enterprise, you can trust that our technicians are competent and confident in performing these safety inspections and providing accurate reports. We encourage you to compare our brand against others, knowing that all Harth Enterprise franchisees are insured and committed to delivering exceptional service.
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