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Revolutionary Chimney Repair with HeatShield: Restoring Safety and Functionality

HeatShield is a revolutionary chimney repair and restoration system that addresses common issues such as cracked flue tiles, deteriorated mortar joints, and damaged chimney linings. Developed by CeCure Chimney Systems, HeatShield offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for restoring chimney functionality and ensuring safe operation. Here’s an overview of HeatShield and its benefits:

Overview of HeatShield and its Benefits

Discover the remarkable capabilities of HeatShield in this comprehensive overview. Explore its benefits in restoring chimneys, from fixing cracked flue tiles to reinforcing damaged linings. Unlock the power of HeatShield for a safe and efficient chimney system.
Chimney Repair Services

Restoring Chimney Linings

Over time, chimney linings can deteriorate due to exposure to high heat, acidic byproducts, and moisture. HeatShield is designed to repair and restore these damaged chimney linings. The HeatShield system involves the application of a specially formulated cerfractory sealant, which bonds with the existing chimney flue tiles or masonry surfaces. This sealant creates a smooth, durable, and insulated lining that withstands high temperatures and provides optimal draft performance.

Chimney Repair Services

Cracked Flue Tile Repair

Cracked or damaged flue tiles are a common issue in chimneys. HeatShield offers a solution by sealing and reinforcing these cracked flue tiles. The HeatShield cerfractory sealant fills in the cracks, preventing the leakage of gases, smoke, and heat. By restoring the integrity of the flue tiles, HeatShield ensures a safer and more efficient chimney operation.

Chimney Repair Services

Deteriorated Mortar Joint Repair

Deteriorated mortar joints can lead to structural issues and water leakage in chimneys. HeatShield addresses this problem by repairing and reinforcing the mortar joints. The sealant is applied to the damaged joints, restoring their strength and preventing water intrusion. This helps preserve the chimney's structural integrity and protects against further deterioration.

Advantages of HeatShield


HeatShield provides an affordable alternative to traditional chimney repair methods, such as relining or rebuilding. It allows homeowners to restore their chimneys without the need for extensive and costly renovations.

Increased Safety

By sealing cracks, repairing flue tiles, and reinforcing mortar joints, HeatShield enhances chimney safety. It helps prevent the escape of harmful gases, reduces the risk of chimney fires, and ensures proper venting of smoke and combustion byproducts.

Improved Efficiency

HeatShield's insulating properties help optimize chimney draft and improve the efficiency of heating appliances. A well-restored chimney lining promotes better airflow, reducing the chances of smoke backup and enhancing heating system performance.

Long-lasting Solution

HeatShield repairs are designed to last for years, providing durable protection for chimneys. The cerfractory sealant withstands high temperatures and resists the corrosive effects of flue gases, ensuring the longevity of the chimney lining.

When it comes to chimney repair and restoration, HeatShield offers an innovative and reliable solution. Its ability to repair damaged flue tiles, deteriorated mortar joints, and chimney linings makes it a preferred choice for homeowners and chimney professionals. Contact us to learn more about HeatShield and how it can restore the safety, efficiency, and longevity of your chimney.

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